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Trash removal tips from the pros

Most people believe they can just bag up their garbage and throw it in the trash bin and that's that. There's much more to it than sticking your trash barrel on the curb once a week. Residential trash removal needs to be taken much more seriously, and here we have some tips for you to do just that.

Residential trash removal

Separate Trash & Recyclables. The most important thing to remember when taking out your trash is to keep trash and recyclables separate. You should not be throwing cardboard, glass, plastic and things of that nature away that are considered recyclable. Residents should have both a garbage bin and a recycle bin for proper residential trash removal. Keeping these things separate makes it easier for the waste management team, and is much safer for the environment as well.


Use Trash Can Space Wisely. If you have thrown your trash away properly, the container should still be able to have its lid closed when it is full. If you find you often have extra trash that does not properly fit inside your bin, then you need to look into getting an additional bin. Bagging your trash and recycling cardboard is a great way to create extra space in your bin. Use your garbage can space wisely!


Get a Dumpster. For those of you who are moving in to a new home, moving out, or just needing to do some major cleaning, consider renting a dumpster for a day or longer. Many of the things you'll be needing to throw away will not fit in your regular trash bin, so it is a good idea to rent a dumpster to use instead. The dumpster can sit in your driveway and you will be free to use it for the specified about of time to throw away anything you need to.


Get It Out Early. For the days that your community has their residential trash removal time, you should be sure to have your garbage can out to the road the night before. You don't want to forget and have an excess of trash waiting to be picked up the following week. Trash day should be the same day every week, so you will be able to plan accordingly.


Put your trash bin on the street correctly. The handle should be facing your house and there should be arrows on the bin facing the road. Also, when placing your garbage can, make sure that it is easily accessible. There should be no street lamps, trees, or anything else in front of your bin. This will ensure that the trash can be picked up quickly and efficiently.


If you remember to follow these five tips for residential trash removal, your trash days should run smoothly every week, with no problems for you to worry about. Properly taking care of your trash is very environmentally-friendly, and everyone around will be thankful that you took the extra time and effort. Your waste management team will surely be grateful as well.

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